We work with a number of schools, colleges, universities and further education establishments addressing all types of arboricultural matters to help ensure the on-going safety of children, young people and adults with regard to trees.

Core Services Include:
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Statutory Protection 
  • Planning

We have many years’ experience working with the education sector on many different tree-related issues, ranging from undertaking tree risk surveys and tree management plans through to assisting with planning application and tree works consent applications.

Risk Assessment 
As a manger responsible for property, it is your duty of care to make sure your trees do not pose a potential risk to people. If a tree was to fall and cause injury or damage and you are found to be negligent, you could be liable.

As such, it is your responsibility to regularly inspect your trees or, depending on the risk posed, size and condition of the trees, have them inspected by others and remedial work carried out to keep them safe. We are happy to work with you, carrying out tree inspections to assess the risks, and provide records of our inspections, with clear plans, along with remedial action.

Statutory Protection 
Some trees within your site may be protected by a Tree Preservation Order or may lie within a Conservation Area in which case, unless exempt, it is illegal to carry out work without notifying or obtaining consent from your local council. We are used to dealing with local authorities and can advise on the best course of action. If necessary, we will apply on your behalf to carry out tree works and ensure the job is completed within budget to the highest standards.

We have extensive experience supporting planning applications to enhance the educational environmen, ranging from school renewal and expansion programmes to extending existing buildings, adding multi-use game areas and improving playground & parking provision.

Well versed in maximising the development potential of any site, we can help to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. As required, we can carry out tree surveys in accordance with BS5837 2012 and provide a full report to support a planning application. We can also provide general arboricultural advice on such issues as tree health, tree maintenance and conservation management, and assist with all tree-management and replanting requirements..

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