Housing Associations and Local Authorities

We work regularly with Housing Associations on a whole range of tree-related matters and can advise and assist on any arboricultural issues you may face.

Core Services Include:
  • Client Specific Tree Management Policy
  • Zoned Tree Risk Management
  • GIS Mapping
  • Tree Inventories
  • Detailed Visual Tree Assessments
  • Invasive and Non-invasive Decay Mapping
  • Tree Works Tendering and Contract Management

UK legislation relating to the management of risk and personal safety is comprehensive, with the risks posed by trees considered real and manageable by enforcing authorities. 

This means that if you are responsible for land on which trees are present, you are legally responsible to ensure that anyone frequenting your land or nearby, (including employees, members of the public, residents, visitors and others) are not exposed to unreasonable levels of risk as far as is reasonably practical. 

Failure to take sufficient care of your trees, when it leads to foreseeable injury or damage to persons or property, caused by falling trees or branches, can result in a breach of statutory duty, and civil actions may be brought for negligence. In extreme cases, criminal prosecutions may be brought in relation to manslaughter.

The experience and resources at our disposal provides a strong framework, ensuring we provide expert advice concurrent with HSE requirements and best practice, enabling our clients to make informed risk management decisions. This equates to managed duty of care and goes a long way to fulfilling your legal obligations.

Our service is supported by the implementation of digital mapping geographic information systems (GIS), designed to meet the specific needs of those managing multiple tree assets. Using the latest survey and decay mapping techniques, we can accurately assess risk to ensure management is appropriate and cost effective.

Ruskins Tree consultancy is here to support you and will offer the best arboricultural advice and guidance. We have extensive experience helping clients in all situations from initial data collection through to re-inspections. We look to provide all clients with the correct best approach to tree management and can aid clients which are subjected to budget constriants. Ruskins can also manage and arrange any necessary remedial action within the timeframe specified.


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