Our Tree Surveys are carried out by experienced, suitably qualified, employed staff. The format and content is tailored to your exact requirements, helping to keep down costs and ensure information is relevant to your needs.

Tree Surveys are required for a number of reasons:

  • To inform a proposed development and support a planning application (BS5837 2012)
  • To address a landowner’s or manager’s duty of care in terms of tree risk and hazards
  • To provide tree management recommendations
  • For mortgage or insurance purposes, including subsidence claims
  • To inform foundation design

Whatever type of tree survey you require we can provide you with a fixed cost quotation for the required output, with an agreed timescale of the completed survey. 

If the Tree Survey is to support a planning application, it will comply with BS5837 and the drawings will be in a digital format that can be easily circulated among all members of the project team.  

Unlike some ecological surveys, a tree survey can be undertaken at any time of year and we recommend instruction as early as possible in the site acquisition and layout design process. Early receipt of our information will help determine the developable area and value of the site, helping to avoid aborted work by other disciplines. 

A tree survey relates to the collection and preparation of data and associated plans, while the arboricultural report provides more detailed information. Included in our fee proposal will be a fixed cost for all arboricultural consultancy works, showing the different stages required for the project. This provides you with the necessary information to understand the total and phased costs of any works, helping to prevent costs escalating during the project’s duration.   


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