Private Property Owners

We have worked with many private individuals, advising on a wide range of tree matters, whether for insurance, mortgage or planning applications, tree safety, management of existing trees or helping with new tree planting schemes.

Core Services Include:
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Statutory Protection 
  • Mortgage Reports 
  • Subsidence Claims

As a property owner, you might be lucky enough to own a single tree or many trees. With this ownership comes a legal responsibility and possibly issues relating to insurance, mortgage, planning and/or management of your trees. If you require any tree related advice, please contact us and if possible, we will offer solutions that avoid unnecessary expenditure on surveys and reports.       

Risk Assessment 
As a private landowner or property owner, it is your duty of care to ensure your trees do not pose a potential risk to other people. If a tree was to fall and cause injury or damage and you are found to be negligent, you could be liable. Depending on the risk posed, size and condition of the trees, it is your responsibility to either inspect them or have them inspected regularly, and to have remedial work carried out to keep them safe.

Statutory Protection 
Some trees on your land may be protected by a Tree Preservation Order or may lie within a Conservation Area. Unless exempt, this means it is illegal to carry out work on them without notifying or obtaining consent from your local council. With many years’ experience dealing with local authorities on arboricultural matters, we can advise on the best course of action. If necessary, we can apply for permission to undertake tree works and ensure it is carried out to the highest standards.

Mortgage Reports 
If your mortgage lender requires a tree report detailing potential risks posed by trees at a property you wish to purchase, we can also assist.  We will assess risk to built structures in terms of direct and indirect damage, such as subsidence, and, where appropriate, give recommendations for mitigating risks and future tree management requirements.

Subsidence Claims
We can also look at tree-related subsidence, reporting on specific trees and assessing risk and damage. Our report will include practical recommendations for remedial and long-term vegetation management.  One of our consultants has undertaken over 4000 arboricultural reports for subsidence claims, ensuring we provide the best advice on addressing vegetation management and how to deal with insurance claims.    

We understand that speed is of the essence, particularly if you are waiting for mortgage approval, and will prepare reports using the latest technology to ensure speed and accuracy, emailing the reports as soon as they are ready.

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