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We have extensive experience dealing with all manner of tree-related issues associated with the development sector and have a long and proven track record of helping clients gain planning permission.

Core Services Include:
  • Pre Site Acquisition Tree Assessment 
  • Pre-App Tree Strategy 
  • BS5837 Tree Condition Survey, including Root Protection Area and Tree Constraints Plans 
  • Arboricultural Reports, Implications Assessment & Method Statements
  • Tree Protection Plans 
  • Tree Shading Analysis
  • Tree Survey for Foundation Design
  • Discharge of Planning Conditions 
  • TPO / Conservation Area Tree Works Application
  • Schedule of Tree Works
  • Tree Surgery Contract Management
  • Site Supervision (Arboricultural Clerk of Works)
  • Attendance at Tree Officer meetings
  • Evidence at Planning Inquiries

It is essential to assess any tree-related constraints as soon as a development site is being considered. We can carry out a pre-acquisition site visit to give an overview on tree issues and risks, and assess if statutory protection or planning policy may be an issue or pose a risk to development. This information will show you how best to maximise development or explain tree-related constraints to vendors, helping determine the real value of the site.

We can also provide an overview or a detailed survey on the condition of trees in preparation for any pre-app meeting, ensuring you are well prepared and in a strong position to progress with the desired development. 

Where trees are growing within or close to the site boundary, a full tree survey in accordance with BS5837 2012 is generally required and we recommend this be carried out as early as possible in the layout design process. We can undertake this for you and all of our information is provided in a digital format with all plans in CAD and, as the layout evolves, we can advise on potential solutions.

Once the layout plan is fixed, we can provide the necessary Arboricultural Report, including an Arboricultural Impact Assessment, Arboricultural Method Statement and Tree Protection Plan to support a planning application. These reports outline the impact of the development on existing trees or tree removals and the benefit of retaining trees, including protected trees and new planting. 

When planning consent has been obtained, we can assist with the discharge of conditions and works on site, addressing such issues as protected trees, ecological constraints, tree surgery and clearance.

We are happy to advise developers on any tree issues and can advise on how best to resolve these issues and progress with the project. While we are keen to be involved in any project as early as possible, we understand this is not always possible and can provide eleventh hour support if required, whether giving a second opinion, advising on an existing survey, reviewing information or addressing officer’s comments.


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